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    Candidates for dental implant placement today are almost all adult patients, regardless of age, although in some conditions there is an increased risk, that is, some concomitant diseases may danas a diabétesz a relative contraindicatio n for the implantation of dental implants. These are, first of all, unregulated diabetes, osteoporosis, malignancies, recent heart attack or stroke, some other metabolic diseases, as well as some kidney diseases.

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    However, by choosing the right anesthetic and implantation technique, we can achieve success in these cases as well.

    A relative contraindicatio n to implantology may be some local factors such as poor oral hygiene, the presence of infection, etc.

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    An increased risk of failure also exists in passionate smokers. Implantation is preceded by a diagnostic examination and 3D RTG imaging.

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    Dental implant implantation itself involves a simple, non-aggressive procedure in most cases danas a diabétesz under local anesthesia or analgesia. In our office are implanted several implant systems that are world brands, and also registered in our country and as such approved for use by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, namely Nobel Biocare and Alpha-Bio.

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