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Diabetic nephropathy symptoms, Oscillococcinum diabetes mellitus


    This can be a problematic presentation in the emergency department, both from a diagnostic and a management standpoint. Purpose — The aim of our study is to clarify what happens diabetic nephropathy symptoms patients after leaving the emergency department.

    diabetic nephropathy symptoms

    Methods — patients were examined at the Semmel­weis University Emergency Department with vertigo and dizziness. We sent a questionnaire to these patients and we had completed papers back male, female patients, mean age Clarification of the final post-examination diagnosis took several days It was also noticed that Among the population only 80 patients Discussion — The correlation diabetic diabetic nephropathy symptoms symptoms our emergency department diagnosis and final diagnosis given to patients is low, a phenomenon that is also observable in other countries.

    Therefore, patient follow-up is an important issue, including the importance of neurotology and possibly neurological examination.

    diabetic nephropathy symptoms

    Conclusion — Emergency diagnosis of vertigo is a great challenge, but despite of difficulties the targeted and quick case history and exact examination can evaluate the central or peripheral cause of the balance disorder.

    Therefore, to prevent declination of the quality of life the importance of further investigation is high.

    diabetic nephropathy symptoms