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The shape, later dubbed the Gömböc, Footnote 1 is the first known physical example of a class of convex homogeneous bodies called mono-monostatic, having just one stable and one unstable point of static equilibrium. The existence of this class was conjectured by Vladimir Arnold in [ 3 ]; with Péter Várkonyi, we proved his conjecture by describing a continuum of mono-monostatic shapes.

These shapes are, however, too close to the sphere to be manufactured, so we also showed a physical example, commonly called the Gömböc [ 11 ].

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The name is of Hungarian origin a spheroidal figure in a folk tale and refers to the proximity of the Gömböc to the sphere. This property led us to study the behavior diabetes pdf notes tropical turtle species that evolved shells closely reminiscent of the Gömböc; the shape of the shell is their principal tool facilitating self-righting [ 6 ]. These findings were reported in the media, including the New York Times [ 10 ] and BBC, Footnote 2 and ever since, diabetes pdf notes Gömböc has proved to be a source of inspiration in science, art, and engineering.

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Figure 1 Full size image In recent years, the Gömböc has motivated research into the evolution of natural shapes: while Gömböc-shaped pebbles are rare, the connection between geometric shape and the number of static balance points appears to be a key to understanding natural shape evolution [ 4 ].

Experimental and numerical evidence indicates that the number of static equilibrium points of sedimentary particles is diabetes pdf notes by natural abrasion.

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Beyond science, the Gömböc has also inspired artists: the award-winning short movie Gömböc, directed by Ulrike Vahl, is a character sketch about four misfits who in their fight against everyday reversals and obstacles have one thing in common: if they fall down, they get back on their feet.

The Gömböc has also appeared around the globe in art galleries as a recurrent motive in the paintings of Vivien Zhang [ 2 ] Fig. Portland stone.

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Exhibition at Lisson Gallery, London. Courtesy of Lisson Gallery.

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Photography by Jack Hems.