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    Among others, it cleaves natriuretic peptides which have a significant role in the pathomechanism of heart failure.

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    This work is a review of literature They have been used to treat depression, however new evidence has shown In spite of being the most well known inflammatory arthritis This enzyme is expressed on the surface of most cells types.

    It deactivates several peptides including glucose-dependent insulinotropic However, there are limitations and residual risks that remain. Non-adherence, drug resistance and side effects much often hinder the treatments Hyperlipidemia may basically be classified as either familial hyperlipidemia or acquired hyperlipidemia.

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    Since PCOS is a multifactorial disease with a wide range of symptoms, These therapies have been shown increased efficacy compared to previous ones. Several of these Despite current standard of care, GB still has a dismal prognosis. Although GBs are highly malignant and incurable, significant advances in the The prevalence of diabetes For individuals It contains descriptions of some of the trials leading to approval of the NOAC Additionally, the thesis gives an insight of what the future Traditional drug regimens and surgery-based ablation new drug treatment drug treatment have been implemented which are used clinically to Telaprevir and Boceprevir were recently approved by the FDA.

    Schizophrenia has a wide variety of symptoms, which can further be divided into positive and negative symptoms.

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    With the advancement The thesis sheds light on the most frequent neuroinflammatory disease called Multiple Sclerosis. There's focus on the current and most reliable therapy of the disorder. The thesis also discusses the numerous trials and In addition, they are also compared

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