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    What does a diabetologist do? Diabetology is a scientific branch dealing with diabetes and its prevention and cure. How does diabetes develop?

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    Due to absolute or relative insulin deficiency, as cells are unable to absorb glucose in the absence of insulin, blood sugar levels rise and this causes the main symptoms of the disease. Types: Type 1 insulin dependent : occurs in children or adolescents.

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    In this case, the body has little or no insulin. Type 2 not insulin dependent for a while : develops in adults or in the elderly.

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    In this condition the pancreas produces insulin, but the body cannot use it. Secondary diabetes: can be associated with many diseases and genetic abnormalities. What symptoms can it cause?

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    At Emineo Private Hospital, our diabetologist will map your complaints and symptoms and perform the necessary diagnostic and laboratory tests. Diabetes therapy is tailored to the individual, depending on the background, stage, and other circumstances of the disease, which may include dietary changes, oral medication, or possibly insulin injection.

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