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Gingerbread figures are sensitive creatures…

… that’s why we handle them with lots of love and care. Our gingerbread figures are made of the highest quality natural ingredients. Their appetizing scent and delicious taste come from the freshly grounded spices and our mastery of traditional gingerbread making.

Children love our gingerbread, too! Our party bits are made especially for them. We can also personalize our packaging upon request.

About us: we have been producing gingerbread figures since 2001. Each piece is unique and 100% hand-made. The cutting forms are of our own design. The gingerbread figures are decorated by our artists freely, using their full creativity.

Our products are patented.

The delivery time of your order depends on the quantity. For example, companies’ Christmas present orders usually take 2-4 weeks to be delivered.

Waiting for your order, best regards, Orsolya and Barbara Lang