The Possible Effects of Roflumilast on Obesity Related Disorders

Prediabetes range fasting, Diabetes 6.0


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    Hence, we studied the probability of reversion from prediabetes to normoglycaemia and the associated risk of future CVD and death using data from the Whitehall II observational cohort study. Methods Three glycaemic criteria for prediabetes fasting plasma glucose [FPG] 5.

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    Among participants with prediabetes in the first examination, we calculated the probability of reversion to normoglycaemia by re-examination according to each glycaemic criterion. Poisson regression analysis was used to estimate and compare incidence rates of a composite endpoint of a CVD event or death in participants with prediabetes who did vs did not revert to normoglycaemia.

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    Analyses were adjusted for age, sex, ethnicity and previous CVD. During a median follow-up of 6. Reverting from 2hPG-defined prediabetes to normoglycaemia vs remaining prediabetic or progressing to diabetes was associated with a halving in event rate No association with event rate was observed for reverting from FPG-defined In contrast, reversion to normoglycaemia prediabetes range fasting frequent among people with FPG- or 2hPG-defined prediabetes.

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    Only reversion from 2hPG-defined prediabetes to normoglycaemia was associated with a reduction in future risk of CVD and death.